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You are so delicious Sir…and I love being Your naughty, messy, dirty girl…

You are so delicious Sir…and I love being Your naughty, messy, dirty girl…

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I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but all of these gifs are excellent demonstrations of the fact that you can do a lot more with your mouth than just suck. Remember - if he wants a hole to just fuck and abuse then he has 3 to chose from, and you’ll know very easily if he just wants to pound away at your mouth while you choke, gag and fight for every breath… You’ll be busy dealing with his cock invading your throat over and over so you won;t be worried about other things. That’s NOT a blowjob though. That’s a face-fuck and the 2 are *very* different. A face-fuck means he does the work, you provide a hole and the best possible angle for him to use it from. Then you you lie back and let him use you like the pathetic fuckmeat you are. 

A blow job though, that means that *you* do the work - he lies back and enjoys the ministrations of your tongue, lips and throat. You don’t just fuck yourself down on his cock, although that’s fun. Watch all the wonderful things that the whores shown above are doing. Then practice them as much as possible. This is how you all learn these skills - by watching what other fuckmeat does that is enjoyed by men, practicing it and then *experimenting* with the cock in front of you. Maybe the shaft is more sensitive on this one, maybe this guy has a head like a baby’s fist and it just *loves* your tongue. Every cock is different and it’s your job to please each and every single one that you can. So don;t get lazy and just punch it into the back of your throat. Watch him, pay attention to his reactions , and use every part of your mouth to please him in every way you can.

All women should be like this.


Seriously—where do these girls learn such erotic skills?  Because I’d like to enroll my stepdaughter in whatever school it is…

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